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Two reasons:

  1. Save time

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Press Exe is the newsletter of Yesterday’s Games—our gaming news publication that aims to change the game in video game journalism (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?).

We put the reader experience above all else. It distills into some critical core objectives:

  • No reporting on leaks

  • No reporting on data mining

  • Ethical sponsorship practices (our opinions are not for sale)

  • A clean, simple reading experience on our site and newsletter

  • Minimal ad placement—our site has no more than two ads per page

    • Zero banner ads

    • Zero full background ads

    • Zero video ads

    • Zero native advertising—display ads only

Last but not least, we work with developers to deliver excellent news coverage. Game devs have had a rough run with publications racing to get clicks and ad revenue at the cost of ethical journalism. We’re here to change that.

Press Exe is Only 3 Minutes Worth of Reading Per Issue

We keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Each issue expands on our top three stories, we add links to stories we think will add value for our readers, and work to make each issue as info-packed as possible.

So how do we achieve only 3 minutes of reading time?

We base this off the average reading time for our US audience. That means we have a hard limit of 690 words per issue so you can read without feeling the need to skim, and get all the info you need.

Press Exe Will Always Be Free

We don’t plan on charging for this newsletter at any point. We monetize our publication with sponsorship slots, which you can learn more about here and see if your brand is a good fit.

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Daily gaming news in 3 minutes or else.


Daily gaming news in 3 minutes or else.